I am: Buddah

My Story:

By the early 1980’s, over 100,000 ethnic Nepalese lived in camp settlements supported by UNHCR and other organizations.

 When the government began closing these camps, many immigrants were forcibly left without a country, without rights, and forbidden to work and provide for their families. Roughly half of these refugees were granted resettlement in the United States, where they could freely search for work and have a place to call home.

I came as one of these immigrants from Bhutan in 2009, with my whole family.

Besides filmmaking, I am interested in photography, writing lyrics and writing stories. My only goal is to be a good filmmaker and photographer. My hope is that people will learn how immigrants struggle to maintain our culture, for what is the point of life without your cultural identity?

My Film: Cupping the Flame



Using the lens of the Bhutan and Nepal refugee crisis, this film will explore the way that refugees struggle to maintain a sense of identity and culture in the face of displacement, violence and isolation. Filmmaker Buddha Tamang will use his own experiences coming to the United States from the refugee camps in Nepal to paint a picture of the broader refugee experience and the struggle to hold on to the very things that we use to define ourselves.


Tags: Migration, Family, Religion, Tradition



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