I am: Christine

My Story:

Art has a the power to open one’s mind and explore an individual’s creativity but what happens when the freedom of expression collides with the freedom of human rights and of course, religion?

As a dancer at a performing arts high school, an artist, blogger, writer, journalist, poet, actress, photographer, aspiring fashion designer/stylist, and now a young film maker, (a renaissance, as far as my understanding of the definition goes), “Loud Silence” will document my life as a born artist and a raised catholic in “the crux of these two worlds” which are both widely important in my life but find it a struggle to make the two ends meet.

My Film: Loud Silence



Through my personal views on the current issue of homosexuality, “Loud Silence” will also give voices to both parties of the art, religion, and homosexual worlds while touching upon the political, social, cultural, moral, and scientific roles on this recent controversy.

We must put an end to the hate crimes, abuse, and discomfort now.

Because unless we finally accept homosexuals for who they are, as God’s Creations and human beings, living with the silence of anguish and rage, will only drive these innocent beings to the silence of their life.

Until then, the silent alienation and loneliness will only grow increasingly louder.


Tags: Self-esteem, Courage, Religion, Tradition, Relationships



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