I am: Aleek

My Story:

I was born in Manhattan to Dominican parents. I grew up watching my family struggle to give my siblings and I a step toward a brighter future.

 At a young age, I knew I was an artist and I began drawing whatever I saw, but once I hit the 6th grade, I explored more fields in the arts. And I fell in love with dance.

Dance has been my passion ever since I started six years ago. I have been working hard at this passion and I feel it belongs in my future. As I begin my last year in high school, I’ve decided that it is something I would like to pursue as a career. As a dreamer, there’s no giving up for me.




“As a dreamer, there’s no giving up for me.”

Aleek - Reel Lives

My film, Dream Driven, depicts the struggles and successes of a dreamer. Specifically viewed through the eyes of a dancer and a baseball player, who share with the rest of the world the pursuit of their passions. Quitting is not an option.


Tags: Migration, Family, Dreams



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