I am: Ambessa

My Story:

I am Ambesa Beauty Mafanga. I was born in Eastern Cape, where I grew up, but moved to Cape Town when I was older.

I live with both of my parents and two brothers. The relationship at home is mostly good and sometimes I just don’t know what goes wrong. Me and my father don’t always get along. Our relationship has affected my life a lot. I want us to fix things and be like other fathers and daughters.

My Film: Ndikuxolele (Forgiveness)



My film is about the relationship between me and my father. We were not close and the way he was treating my family made my attitude towards him change and my school grades drop. I also attempted suicide 3 times. We sat down and talked about our relationship and I gave him a second chance. I decided I need to forgive him because at the end of the day, he is my father and we have to build a strong relationship.


Tags: Relationships, Loss, Family, Suicide



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