I am: Andrew

My Story:

Andrew Johnson is a disabled person who has gone through the struggles of his problems and has gone beyond the call of need.

To describe Andrew, one must know Andrew. However, that’s the problem, no one knows him. So who is he, a ghost, a time traveler or a dimensional jumper? Or maybe he’s just a person who appears and no one asks questions about him. This is Andrew Johnson, the anomaly.




In this movie, I want to present good points in Andrew’s life. Show photos and video clips from my family collections that are happy. This will help build my movie. The bad parts will describe the horrors of Andrew’s story. The introduction of Andrew’s disabilities such as AD/HD, autism and LPD will create a struggle. Andrew’s old school has gone through difficulties. 9/11 has changed everything in the USA. Video clips and photos from Andrew’s family collection that are sad. Showing clips of what it means to be disabled. Clips of Andrew showing a split screen b-roll to the actual clip of the movie to compare for Andrew b-roll. The redeemed parts of Andrew’s life will create hope for Andrew. Showing that Andrew has passed the Regents to get the diploma. Getting different jobs during my life helped Andrew earn his goal. Getting into college would help achieve his goal. Graduation helps bring redemption to his goal. In Andrew’s ending, Andrew gives the silent salute and goes into his room saying goodbye.


Tags: Disability, Family, Education



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