I am: Anita

My Story:

My name is Anita Sharma. I am 17 years old. I was born in Nepal but due to the poor education in a Nepal refugee camp I studied in India.

I moved to United States in 2009. Right now, I am a senior in Manhattan international High School. Including English, I speak four different languages: Hindi, Nepali, Bengali, and English. This is because along with my family, I have been moving to many different places looking for a better life. There are 6 members in my family including my grandparents and all of us identify our self differently.

My Film: KRISHNA'S VOYAGE (Teaser)



“My life feels like the Hindu God, Krishna, because my identity is always changing…”

ANITA - Reel Lives

The title of my movie is “Krishna’s voyage”. My film is about me moving to different places looking for a better living but at the same time finding my identity. First of all, my parents are from Bhutan but due to some political issues they had to leave Bhutan and with the help of UNHCR and other organizations they settled in a refugee camp in Nepal. I was born in Nepal in the year 1995. In refugee camp in Nepal, we had a poor living and the education system was also not well- built. Therefore, we moved to India when I was 9 years old looking for a good schooling. Fortunately, in 2009 I was able to move to the United States to have a better living and better education. Hence, every time I move from one place to another I had to leave one identity and create a new one. In short, my film will represent my journey and the challenges that I faced that have led me to find and understand my personal identity.


Tags: Migration, Family, Religion, Tradition



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