I am: Ciara

My Story:

We all know growing up is tough but growing up with separated parents is even tougher. All the things that should be fun decisions turn into hard decisions; where you spend holidays, what you do over the weekend, where you spend your summer vacation, etc.

 I grew up with separated parents pretty much all my life and it affected me greatly.

Seeing how hard it was for my parents and for myself to deal with I decided that I don’t ever want that to happen to me. My parents never really opened up to me about what happened to their relationship or relationships in general so I have to find these things out myself. I feel like I lack the knowledge that other kids whose parents had a healthy relationship or whose parents taught them how to have healthy relationships might have.




“What happens when you’re not allowed to have a boyfriend… but you’re in love?”

Ciara - Reel Lives

I’m approaching the age where innocent dating may turn into serious relationships. If you ask me, I’m extremely unprepared. My film shows my journey to answer the age-old question: How do you make a relationship work? A series of interviews from different people at different stages of life and relationships will bring about different opinions, ideas & unwritten rules on topics such as dating, love, marriage and divorce. Hopefully after taking in all the advice I’ll be fully prepared to take on the insanity of the dating world.


Tags: Mind & Body, Relationships, love, Self-esteem



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