I am: Luiza

My Story:

I grew up in Baku, Azerbaijan. My mom is Christian and my dad is Muslim; living in poor conditions, my parents went through a tough time creating a family and supporting their two children.

 In 2003, they decided to start a new life in New York. My mother and older sister moved to NYC while I stayed with my father in Baku. I was misunderstood by society most of the time because I was different from other Azeri kids.

With my mom gone it was very difficult. On February 5th, 2007, I came to the U.S.. But, my life was not the same and I have been going through a culture shock. After all that happened to me, I stayed strong, kept my head up high, and always tried to look on the bright side.




“Watching my mother and sister leave for the US while I stayed behind in Azerbaijan began the most difficult years of my life.”

Luiza-Reel Lives

My film will show my personal struggles in my life with my own countries’ society and starting a new life in New York. I will show that after all the bad situations people go through, they need to stay positive and know that everything happens for a reason…


Tags: Migration, Family, Courage, Tradition



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