I am: Marcin

My Story:

My name is Marcin. I was born and raised in Warsaw, Poland, the town I love and miss. I came two US two years ago, in age of 16. 

I had a pretty good life thus far, yet I felt like I have to cut the umbilical cord and achieve something independently. So far, have not been very successful in it, exept for learning to deal with people from different backgrounds. This fall I will attend college for the first time. I hope to do better there.




“I hope my film gives insight into Polish people beyond the Polish jokes.”

Marcin - Reel Lives

I came to US two years ago in age of 16. I was kind of surpirised by all the stereotypes and prejudices about my people. Somehow I do not feel less intelligent or underdeveloped because of my heritage. On the contrary, I think that Poles have contributed a lot to US. I will find out some more about it for my movie. People creates stereotypes to answer their curiosity. I will make an objective film to answer mine.


Tags: Migration, Stereotypes, Culture



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