I am: Marina

My Story:

My name is Marina Stojanovic and I was born in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina. When I was two years old my dad got diagnosed with cancer just a little after my sister was born.

However, two years later my mom got a job as a diplomat and we moved to Berlin, Germany. After second grade we moved back to Sarajevo for a few months and then to Vienna, Austria. By that time I was eight and only two years later my dad passed away after being sick for eight years. Everything in our life turned because this was a drastic change.

Suddenly, it was only three of us, I had to take huge responsibilities, and my mom was now alone to raise two little girls.  To this day it is still terribly difficult to even think about all this not even mentioning talking and dealing with it.  Today, five years after the event, the three of us are now living in New York City.




“In a perfect world a child should always outlive their parents.”

Marina - Reel Lives

There are many teenagers like me on this world that have lost their parents. My movie shows how my sister, mom, and me dealt with my dad’s death. It was the hardest time of our lives and still is terribly sad to even think about it. I hope this movie shows my audience that there’s people out there in this world that are also like them. That are sad about something but that it’s totally fine to feel the way you feel. 


Tags: Migration, Loss, Family, Death



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