I am: Nkosazana

My Story:

I was born in Mowbray and grew up in Cape Town with my parents and my 5 siblings. We grew up in a comfortable home; my mother working as a domestic worker and my father a boiler maker.

We started having problems when my brother Nkululeko started drinking and my sister fell pregnant. Then it became worse when my other 3 siblings dropped out of school. They started drinking, and now we have that problem at home.


My Film: Usapho Lwam (My Family)



Having to live in a high rate of crime, alcohol and teenage pregnancy, my sister and four brothers got exposed to these issues. My brothers are drinking and my sister fell pregnant at the age of 16. She is now 25 and has 3 kids. All these problems slowly breaks my family apart, my parents argue and now I am stuck in-between because I am the only one who sees them arguing. Sometimes I wonder, do they also think I would let them down? Hope is the last thing on their mind due to what has already happened.


Tags: Poverty, Teen Pregnancy, Abuse, Substance Abuse, Violence, Family



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