I am: Oscar

My Story:

Oscar Mendoza is a native New Yorker of 22 years. He was raised in a neighborhood named Inwood which is located at the north tip of Manhattan.

While growing up, he never thought about his parents being apart or getting a divorce, they have always been together as a happy family. He is now fending for himself in this big, cruel, unfair world and at the same time trying to create something that his family, especially his son, will be proud of. His future is looking bright but only if he makes the right decisions.

My Film: Owen



While in college the unexpected happen and at only 20 years old, Oscar Mendoza became a father. He is now struggling to keep a young family together and not become just another statistic. His new life and responsibilities have dramatically changed his way of thinking and living. A decision must be made; will his family stay together and overcome the many obstacles keeping them unstable? Or will he leave the precarious situation he’s in and still be part of his son’s life?


Tags: Family, Parenting



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