I am: Tenzin

My Story:

In 1959, Tibet was invaded by China. Since than His Holiness, Dalai Lama, along with the Tibetan people, left Tibet and settled in India and Nepal where they kept the Tibetan culture alive.

I was born in 1993 in Tibet, but due to the problems between Tibet and China, our parents decided to move to Nepal. Then a few years later, my parents sent us to boarding school in west of India.

I remember my childhood days mostly with other Tibetan refugee children rather than my family because I spent ten months with my friends and two months with my family. By 9th grade, which was 2008 I left India and Nepal and came to the United States. My mother had settled here three years before. Now as a teenager, even though I am used to moving around, I find life here in the US a much more difficult adjustment than before.




“In Nepal all I heard of the US was that it was so clean you could walk the streets of NYC barefoot…its amazing how perceptions change.”

Tenzin-Reel Lives

Every year lots of people from different countries immigrate to US, risking their lives to have a new beginning. They come to America with lots of hope. However, immigrants to the US often end up in New York City and have a hard time integrating into the city lifestyle and its environment. I am one of these immigrants who came with their parents to the US, dreaming lots of good things and hoping to be the best to fulfill my parents’ dreams. However, once I arrived here, to America, I realized that moving to this new city is not as easy as I thought. There is a feeling of lagging behind; there is feeling of not having equal opportunities and education, and poor living conditions compared to Americans. In this documentary, I am going to interview some teen immigrants about their experiences of adjusting to a new city. I also want to know the difference between the dreams that they have dreamed about America and the reality they face or see everyday with their own eyes


Tags: Migration, Courage, Religion, Tradition



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