I am: Thalia

My Story:

My mother and father were married for 11 years. They weren’t very good years, but they were years nonetheless. During this time they fought a lot and my mother was abused.

It took a great deal of courage, but finally one day 3 years ago my mom decided that it was enough and kicked him out.

Two years later she meet the man I am happy to call my stepfather. His name is Eddie, and even though he makes us realize when we’ve done wrong and regulates punishments I know he cares about us by his actions. He makes my mom very happy and gives her a peace of mind she didn’t have before.

My father wasn’t a bad father but he wasn’t a very good husband. I still feel the need to defended him in some cases but I can say that life now is much better




“Studies suggest that up to 10 million children witness some form of domestic violence annually.”

Thalia-Reel Lives

My film is about the major differences in my family’s’ life after my dad left. My dad was abusive towards my mom and after 11 years she decided not to take it anymore. This is sort of a sneak peak into how we are doing after 3 years of him being gone. There are major differences and they are for the better.


Tags: Violence, Abuse, Self-esteem, Courage



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