I am: Zintle

My Story:

I was born in Eastern Cape. I live in Cape Town with my parents and two little brothers. My mother is unemployed and my father is working as a chef.

We are living in an informal settlement. I am first-born to my parents and life is not good at all, because we don’t get to afford what we need because of insufficiency.


My Film: Safety No Longer Exists



All in all, my film is about being given no choice when my parents took me from Eastern to Cape Town where I did not want to go. As time goes by, life starts to get harder. I was a newcomer in school and I faced harassment and I had to drop out of school because of this. My parents didn’t know what to do concerning my safety. A well-known gang member wanted to date me. My parents had to take me to and from school and then I spent 3-4 weeks not going to school at all. Because I couldn’t feel safe, I couldn’t focus on school.


Tags: Migration, Loss, Family, Poverty, Violence



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