In addition to the production of content, Reel Lives uses our collection of media to raise awareness of critical human rights issues, develop media literacy, and encourage action to promote social change. Around the world, educators and advocates are increasingly using media in their classrooms and public forums.

Our Educational & Outreach Initiative partners with formal and non-formal educational institutions to host screenings, facilitate workshops, and provide training and resources to educators, youth workers and human rights advocates to use our content in their classrooms and public forums to promote social change.

As currently constructed, Reel Lives' collection of media reaches millions of viewers around the world in classrooms to boardrooms, movie theatres to home theatres. Our staff and students design and implement workshops around all of our content organized along social justice themes.

There is something magical that happens when youth engage with media created by other youth. The content our participants create connects to young audiences in a unique way, and creates a powerful forum for discussion and debate on the obstacles marginalized youth are facing.

Our staff will work with secondary schools and advocacy groups around the world, organizing screenings and workshops around our media content. The goals of these workshops are to promote dialogue and explore avenues for action around the obstacles youth are facing, while building skills in critical thinking, media literacy, and debate.

Our experienced team of educators create curriculum that utilizes our media to develop traditional literacy skills, awareness of human rights, critical thinking, debating skills and media literacy. These pieces of curriculum create quality, transformative educational content that will be open sourced and available through our website.


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