I am: Kareem

My Story:

On October 18, 2009, my brother Shabazz was killed in a single car accident. The circumstances surrounding his death are still unknown. He had blunt trauma that was not related to the crash, and the toxicology report came back negative.

Our family comes from Puerto Rico. We grew up in Red Hook Projects, in Brooklyn, one of the roughest neighborhoods in a rough city. It wasn’t easy for either of us, but Shabazz seemed to carry a lot of emotional stress and tension, and it weighed heavily on him. After a stint in the army, he seemed to drift farther away.

On that Sunday at 7:23 AM, Shabazz crashed his car at the corner of Hart & Central. He died on the scene.

Growing up, Shabazz and I wanted to be musicians, and we started a hip-hop group with our friends. Today I carry on our idea in the underground hip-hop scene.

My Film: Hart & Central



Music is what has gotten me through the loss of my brother. Our music.

KAREEM-Reel Lives

Hart & Central will show how I deal with the loss of my brother through music. I will explore how his death has affected our family and friends, and the film will follow me as I write a song about him and shoot a video for that song.


Tags: Loss, Family, Death, Courage



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