I am: Max

My Story:

Since a proud fight for independence, as the first country to throw off the shackles of slavery and colonialism, Haiti has struggled to find its way in the face of aggressive foreign sanctions, political violence, poverty and natural disasters.

 Despite all the problems the country has faced, Haitians are still, justifiably, proud of their identity and history. Even though I grew up as a relatively Americanized Haitian, I understand the integral role that national pride plays in my own “Haitianess.”

I was born in Haiti, and spent my young years in Port-au-Prince. Now I live in Brooklyn, and feel disconnected from my Haitian identity. This year I’ll be graduating from high school and going on to college in the fall.




“As Haiti elects a new president, I ask “What does it mean to be Haitian”?”

Max-Reel Lives

My film will explore the way that different generations of my family identify themselves as Haitian. The main characters will be my grandfather, my mother, and myself, allowing an insight into the way that both immigrant populations, and those who still live in Haiti, feel about the country. I will also follow my own attempts to reconnect with my own Haitian identity in New York City.


Tags: Migration, Family, Culture



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