I am: Nabila

My Story:

I was born in Brooklyn. My father, who is from Egypt, made sure I was raised with a strong Muslim community, and I attended an Islamic school for eleven years. In high school,

 I decided to come out as a lesbian to my family. My father did not react well, and the circumstances at home made it impossible for me to stay there. I was ostracized from my community and family.

Now I’m living in a group home in Bedford Stuyvesant. I wish my family would accept me for who I am, but most importantly, I am at peace with myself, and do not regret my decision to tell my family at all.

The situation I am living in is not ideal, but I’m graduating high school. I’ve already been accepted to a good college for the fall, and I’m following a path that feels right for me. I’m working with a non-profit I believe in, and I’m a strong advocate for reform in the Muslim community and LBGTQ rights.

My Film: Fahisha



Most gay Muslim youth are now ex-Muslims.

NABILA-Reel Lives

Fahisha means “abomination”, the Arabic word used to describe homosexuals in the Qu’ran. However, with LGBTQ issues becoming more acceptable in secular countries, traditional regions of the world are less open to change. My film will explore whether it is possible for a growing number of LGBTQ Muslim youth to balance their faith with their sexuality.


Tags:Family, Self-esteem, Courage, Religion, Tradition, love



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