I am: Renee

My Story:

My Story: I was born in the Bronx, New York to Honduran and Native American parents. I had a pleasant childhood, with a few exceptions.

 I’ve been the “Fat Girl” for most of my life, and had an abundance of people to point that for me. I’ve been called every name you could think of. It wasn’t easy, but it definitely didn’t stop me. I used the negativity that surrounded me as a stepping-stone. Every insult, diss, joke, and snide comment, became another step for me to use to rise above adversity.

My Film: Accessories not Included: Sold Seperately



“I finally realized Barbie didn’t look like me, or my friends, or anyone around me…”

RENEE-Reel Lives

ANI:SS is about my journey with Barbie.


Tags: Self-esteem, Courage



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